I would like to thank you for giving us part of your time to get to know our company and I am pleased to announce to you that Azomala'a Company, since 2004, has continued its commitment to provide everything modern and new to the dental supplies and medical supplies market in the Republic of Yemen.

Through a wide network of customers, our products reached all parts of the country and these products were highly trusted through our continuous commitment to providing the highest quality standards and through the best international companies.

The performance of the Azomala'a Company management played a pivotal role in driving the strategic direction of the company, as it worked to create and develop a clear vision for the future and link the company's strategic objectives with business priorities.

This includes long-term analysis of the company's priorities, proper and effective planning of resources, adopting standards of excellence, understanding customer needs, and striving to provide the products and services necessary to meet those needs professionally, together with focusing on the recipients of the company's products by giving them high-quality products and services.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of our valued customers for granting us this trust and their continuous support for us, in order to implement our mission to provide high quality medical supplies that enrich the dental supplies and medical supplies market in Yemen.

Dr. Ayman Abdelkareem Nassar
The General Director


The company's mission is "to be the leading company by providing a group of distinguished medicines and medical supplies while we emphasize loyalty to customers and the quality of the products that we offer."


Taiz Street, Sana'a, Yamen
+967 1 570582 - 777233941 - 777175432